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Colours give a good feeling of wellbeing


XIMAX can deliver personal favorite colours.

THE BASIC COLOUR OF OUR RADIATORS IS WHITE. Most models of the XIMAX range can be ordered in many colours. Any common RAL and sanitary colour is possible.

Some towel warmers are also available in galvanized polished finish. We have natural stainless steel with a brushed finish. 

Please understand that due to printing and technical reasons colours and patterns may vary slightly from what is shown in the brochure and website.



RAL colours (just a small selection of the many available options)

Oyster white

RAL 1013

Neutral oyster white is universally usable.

Light ivory

RAL 1015

Light ivory appeals lovely and smooth.

Rape yellow

RAL 1021

Rape yellow attracts attention.

Ruby red

RAL 3003

Ruby red gives the main points.

Traffic red

RAL 3020

Classic red as a special highlight.

Ultramarine blue

RAL 5002

Ultramarine blue as a special feature.

Pearl night blue

RAL 5026

Elegant pearl night blue as dark option.

Silver grey

RAL 7001

Silver grey is simple and modern.

Anthracite grey

RAL 7016

Anthracite grey suits in any housing.

Jet black

RAL 9005

Classic and lovely: Jet black.

White aluminium

RAL 9006

White aluminium is noble and classic.

Traffic white

RAL 9016

Classic white appeals stylish.


RAL 1001

Beige is elegant and timeless.

Zinc yellow

RAL 1018

Zinc yellow is shining in any room.

Grey beige

RAL 1019

Grey beige as extravagant colour for radiators.

Wine red

RAL 3005

Wine red appeals attractive and warm.

Pigeon blue

RAL 5014

Pigeon blue is casual and modern.

Basalt grey

RAL 7012

Basalt grey as quiet eyecatcher.

Pebble grey

RAL 7032

Pebble grey appears remarkable and classy.

Agate grey

RAL 7038

Agate grey as quiet colour for radiators.

Sanitary colours


Pergamon is bright and lovely.

Jasmine matt

Jasmine matt affects because of elegance.


Manhattan appeals noble and modern.


Aegean as chic option for radiators.


Please note that depending on screen setting colour variance can exists.