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XIMAX design and bathroom radiators offer a range of accessories. We have hooks, shelves, mirrors, bars and rails etc. This makes the radiator a multifunctional product in a bathroom, kitchen, hallway, toilet and other rooms. Many of these accessories also fit common towel radiators from other manufacturers.


Every XIMAX bathroom and designer radiator is prepared for easy connection to a wet system. The classic connection consists of a thermostatic valve in the supply pipe and a lockshield.


The middle connection is a very stylish option. The most aesthetic connection option is to use a middle connection valve that combines the thermostat with a lockshield in a single unit with a stylish casing.


XIMAX offers a nice towel rail which fits all standard compact radiator and is ideal to use throughout the house. The towel rails are easy to cut to other lengths if required.


For bright, white surfaces XIMAX provides Schnappfix pipe lining- and decoration systems. They are constructed of sturdy, flexible plastic and available in 2 lengths.