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Infrared Heating Principle

XIMAX infrared heaters use the principle of solar radiation and provide comforting warmth to every room. A specially developed carbon fiber fabric generates directly longwave infrared-C radiation from the consumed energy. This radiation does not need air to transport the heat but permeates it nearly lossless and turns into heat whereever it meets objects, walls and ceilings. These store the heat and release it evenly into the room. Thus the walls are always warm and dry.

Infrared Heater Advantages

XIMAX infrared-heaters are up to 50 % cheaper than conventional heating systems. Highest quality components are assembled in order to produce an infrared heater with virtually unlimited lifetime.

XIMAX infrared-heaters do not require expensive piping, a socket is sufficient. The installation is done with screws to the wall, ceiling or mobile with the optional floor stands. Thanks to its timeless elegant design, the only 2.5 cm thick panels integrate harmoniously into any living area.

In combination with optional room thermostats, XIMAX infrared-heaters provide perfect heat according to your needs. Even in a single room several different thermal comfort zones can be generated.

XIMAX infrared-heaters convert 100 % of the energy consumed in comfortable warmth. They heat quickly and accurately – without any service and maintenance costs. The walls remain dry and the insulation properties are improved in the long term.

XIMAX infrared-heaters promote a dust- and bacteria-free air, preventing the unpleasant dry breeze of convection heating. They keep the masonry work free of mold and operate completely silent. The temperature is evenly spread throughout the room. No more cold feet and hot heads.

XIMAX has a common environment policy for the implementation and execusion of environmental issues. XIMAX infrared heater in combination with clean energy or photovoltaic systems are a perfect contribution to protect resources and the environment. No components include metals (such as lead) or PVC which are harmful to the environment.

Range of applications


Especially where the costly installation of central heating must be avoided or is not possible.

If the existing heating system is not or no longer in operation or works too slowly.

For targeted heating of individual recreation areas without having to heat whole rooms.

Wherever the existing heating system is inadequate.