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Designer-Carport MyPort Next

The reinterpretation of XIMAX classic MyPort is here - MyPort Next. Dynamic optics are lent to this design carport by a successful facelift and newly support positioning. It has a practical and modern design at an affordable price. Built with the highest quality materials it looks timeless and elegant. The combination of anodised aluminium and polycarbonate is also very flexible and strong!

This carport has quality workmanship with a flexibility and modern design. 

The roof is made of heat-resistant polycarbonate in smoke grey! This will 100% protection against UV radiation and 81% against infrared radiation. A gutter with downpipe is also integrated. 

Information about polycarbonate roofing


Polycarbonate is an extremely stable (approximately 250 times the impact strength of glass) and resistant material. A XIMAX carport roof made of polycarbonate protects against hail.

Radiation reflection

Harmful UV rays are reflected at 100%. The polycarbonate roofing of XIMAX carports shield heat radiation depending on the selected design. This shielding of the infrared rays protects your vehicle and its interior from overheating.

Type smoked glass gray (standard):
Protection against UV radiation: 100 %
Protection against infrared radiation: 81 %

Type clear matt:
Protection against UV radiation: 100 %
Protect. against infrared radiation: 37 %

  • Design carport is made completely ​​of anodized aluminium
  • Corrosion resistant, durable (hail and frost resistant)
  • Roof is made of polycarbonate in smoke grey (100 % UV protection / 81% infrared radiation protection)
  • Maximum flexibility and resilience through an innovative 2-post design (prop: 570x100 mm)
  • Snow load: 75 kg/m2


The assembly instruction and all the assembly materials are supplied. Optional you can borrow a very helpful mounting device (You can ask for an assembly instruction in advance)

Installation Service also available on request!

Why a carport from XIMAX? 

  • Buying Safety (branded merchandise and top quality: Beware of inferior copies)
  • Statics (Structurally tested and approved)
  • Experience (Many happy reviews available for a XIMAX designer carport)
  • Warranty (10 year warranty when properly installed)
  • Security of supply (perfect example: To replace a damaged part after some years)
All dimensions in mm
Version Length (standard) Width (standard) Height
Typ 60 5145 2330 2808 to 3206
Typ 60 5145 2630 2808 to 3206
Typ 60 5901 2630 2808 to 3206
Load typ Support Wind resistance (km/h) Snow load (kg/m²)
Typ 60 2 137 75

    MyPort Next Typ 60